How To Start a Homestead While Living in the City

There is a misconception that you need to live out in the country on acres of land in order to start homesteading. However, you don’t need to move away from the city to benefit from homesteading. Here are some simple steps that you can take to start your homestead while living in an urban environment. Read on for How To Start a Homestead While Living in the City.

Join a Community Garden, Co-Op, or Group

Even in the most densely populated cities, there are community groups of like-minded individuals who have an interest in homesteading. Complete a basic Internet search to see what kinds of community gardens, co-ops or homesteading groups already exist in your city. You may be surprised to find that membership only requires a volunteer commitment or a small fee.┬áIf you discover that there isn’t a community garden in your area, you can start one yourself.

Research City Laws

Every city is unique. However, many cities allow for rooftop gardens. Research the legalities of homesteading in your particular city. You may find that you are able to own chickens, start a rooftop garden, or participate in other forms of homesteading that you may not have realized.

Start Small

You can always start your homesteading journey in small ways. You do not need to start a giant vegetable garden and orchard or raise a dozen chickens to be a homesteader. If none of these options are available to you, there are other homesteading skills that you can start learning. This includes canning and pickling vegetables and fruits you can purchase from a local farmers market, learning to make and mend your own clothes, and creating your own varieties of soap.

You can start homesteading no matter where you live, even in urban environments. Whether you join a community garden or find other homesteading skills to learn, you can reap the benefits. If you decide to move somewhere else, you can often take your small container gardens and pantry staples with you.

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