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We are a husband and wife duo chronicling our journey back into a simpler life and times after leaving a 12 million+ social following and extensively connected media company that we started from the ground up.

House and Homestead was born out of necessity.  Before it was a blog, a Facebook, or an Instagram, it was a natural reaction to the place we found ourselves in.

As we grew increasingly tired of the demands and sacrifices a “plugged in” lifestyle put on us, we started out on a mission to simplify.  

With our goals being not much more than a focus on family, farming and friendships, House and Homestead was born. 

Long story short, we quit our “tech” jobs and decided to wing it, turning our backyard from an unusable and wasted space to a literal #certifiedwildlifehabitat, thriving garden, space for friends to congregate, and chickens and ducks that give us eggs, eggs, and more eggs, allowing societies values to take a back seat while we explored what life really has to offer.

…and just like that…there’s so much more than staring at a laptop until the wee hours of the morning. So. Much. More. 

We simplified, minimized and downsized almost everything we could and focused on the number of smiles, laughs and memories instead of the number of followers, deadlines and clicks. 

Somewhere in there we’ve got a lot of faith.  Faith that the ghosts of the Florida homesteaders before us, the old cowboys and travelers, swamp explorers, bootleggers and wanderers who set up their homes here are looking down smiling, reminding us that a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle, a family focused lifestyle, a nod to the ways of #oldflorida will be rewarded in the most unexpected ways. 

So far it’s been every day since that I’m thankful we started gardening and raising animals and focusing on family instead of the bottom line.  We might be eating beans and rice for supper, but our lives are so much richer than ever before. 

Thanks for joining us along the way.