Anti-Spitting Social Distancing Hats That Work

These hats might not make a fashion statement but protecting your face from the coronavirus when you go on a grocery run can’t be overstated. These anti-spitting hats add an extra layer of protection from germs getting to your eyes, nose, and mouth. Here are the top Anti-Spitting Social Distancing Hats That Work.

1. A classic baseball dad hat with a removable face shield

Dad hats are in, so you know they had to attach a face shield on one. After the coronavirus is over dad can use this to weed wack and mow the lawn.

2. The “something” white bucket hat with black embroidering

If you can call any of these hats trending, this is it. Vague wording with a touch of subtle art on a bucket hat.

3. A smiley face for smiley faces bucket hat for the kids

This hat is smaller and comes in a kid-size. There is also a cute baby hat and little bear hat for kids.

4. Go with this anti-spitting social distancing visor shield if baseball or bucket hats just aren’t your thing

Despite not having a hat component this face shield can easily be worn over any hat you may already have.

These hats don’t provide 100% protection from germs flying in your face but they do provide 100% more protection than without. Stay safe, stay healthy, and we hope these Anti-Spitting Social Distancing Hats That Might Make a Fashion Statement are useful to your or at least provided some minor amusement for what it’s worth.

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