4 Reasons to Raise Chickens on the Homestead

There are multiple options for livestock on the farm, but chickens are a must-have. Here are 4 Reasons to Raise Chickens on the Homestead Two of the reasons are obvious but the other two aren’t as well known.

1. Eggs, duh

Laying hens can ensure your family always has fresh eggs to eat. Depending on the hen, they might lay a single egg every other day or they might lay as many as three daily. But, if you have extra eggs, you can always sell them to earn some extra cash. It is highly suggested that homesteads have a minimum of three laying hens and one rooster, but many families choose to have ten or more hens.

2. Meat… yes, chicken meat comes from chickens

Chickens can be used as meat stock. A single chicken will feed a family of four for one day with leftovers, in most cases. This may be hard to stomach but, the bonus is that you know exactly what the chicken was fed and how it was treated – things that can make the meat you buy in the grocery stores uncertain at best.

3. Bug Control

If you let your chickens free range on your property, they’ll help keep the bug population down. Chickens even eat ticks and mosquitoes, both of which carry diseases that might harm your family. Fewer bugs are also better for your crops or kitchen garden.

4. They Need Limited Space

Chickens don’t need a lot of space. In fact, they can free-range your property so they don’t even need a large designated run. It is suggested, however, that all homesteads have a sizable coop to keep poultry safe from predators at night.

The four reasons to raise chickens above make it obvious how important they really are. Chickens make the perfect addition to any homestead, farm, or even ranch.

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