St. Patrick’s Day Shirts that Will Maximize the Shenanigans

St. Patrick’s Day is fortunately not a serious or formal holiday.  With Guinness and green found everywhere, there are plenty of silly shirts out there to take your celebratory shenanigans to the next level. Check out these St. Patrick’s Day Shirts that Will Maximize the Shenanigans.

1. The Shinanigator shirt is just asking to get pinched with the orange print so be wary

If this shirt is for you, you know that instantly. If you are having second thoughts, check out the 16 other wacky shirts we found.

2. Sometimes you just gotta put it out there: “if you pinch me I’ll punch you

Bold, yes, true, that parts up to you. 😉 Pinch me and I’ll punch you.

3. Sassy Lassie is also a cutie patootie

You know the girl, not afraid to talk back to the obnoxious guys, she is sassy lassie.

4. Most people’s St. Patrick’s Day moto is summed up on this shirt

Wacky shirts can be cute and rude too. Drink up B*tches is the moto!

5. This Minnie Mouse shirts for all you Disney lovers out there, don’t ever say we forgot about you

Minnie has been winning hearts for years, this St Patrick’s Day is no exception.

6. Ben Franklin’s Ben Drankin’

This shirt just about sums the holiday up.

7. This list wouldn’t be complete without this shamrock baseball shirt

TBH this is our favorite “cute” shirt on this list. Also, this shirt can be worn all year round.

8. Junk food t-shirts for the win with this Lucky Charms Leprechaun shirt

Will junk food t-shirts ever go out of style event with all this healthy diet hype?

9. Shamrock Love is looking good here

This crop top is for the girlfriend and wifey.

10. Sometimes we all just need a little extra luck, this lucky shirt brings it

How lucky are you? This shirt improves luck by an estimated 8 leprechauns.

11. If you think catching a leprechaun is hard, try catching a leprechaun riding a unicorn

If unicorns poop rainbows what do leprechauns poop? 

12. If you are that stoner who always has the need to make sure everyone knows you are a stoner, get this pot shirt now

And for the rest of you, if you like this shirt, you guys should get it too.

13. This Bad and Boozy shirt requires long eyelash extensions and 2 inches long fake nails

You already know the type of girl who is wearing this. The one you can hear laughing from outside of the pub.

14. If all these shirts are too much for you here is a nice simple green shirt just for you

Hopefully, your personality will make up for how boring this shirt is compared to the rest.

15. Whiskey Business is risky business

Yup, sounds about right.

16.  If you aren’t riding a t-rex drinking a beer by the end on St. Patrick’s Day you are doing it wrong

Facts, you are doing it wrong if you don’t do this.

17. The iconic Rolling Stones lips just got luckier

So, which of these Funny St. Patrick’s Day Shirts that Will Turn Up the Shenanigans are you wearing this year on your homestead?

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