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The Best Birthday Gift Ideas for the New Homesteader

Do you have a close friend who has taken the lifestyle plunge with high homesteading aspirations?  If they have an impending birthday, the following are 5 top birthday gifts for the new homesteader that will surely have them singing your praises for years to come.

1. Blow Their Mind with The Encyclopedia for Country Living

If your friend is new to homesteading, they will feel overwhelmed with all the information floating around onlineThe Encyclopedia for Country Living is a perfect start to finding their niche on the homestead.  This time-tested book will have your friend covered, whether gardening or raising animals.

2. Dig Yourself Out of a Mess with a Fiskars Shovel

Yes. You read that right.  If your friend has a homestead, they are required to have a quality shovel.  They will probably kiss you if this shovel lands on their doorstep with your name attached.  Long after the coffee gift certificates have been drunk, your friend will be thinking of you as they are shoveling manure for the compost pile that will grow their award-winning vegetables.

3. Mucking Around in a Pair of Muck Boots

On the homestead, your friend will contend with mud, so Muck Boots will likely be their new best friend – I’m sorry.  If you can’t quite splurge on Muck Boots, these will suffice as your friend saves up their own money for their own Muck Boots from the money they made selling you their award-winning vegetables.

4. Almost as Nice as X-ray Vision – Soft Digits LED Headlamp

Winter months mean short days, so chores must be done in the dark.  This headlamp allows your friend to see in the dark – like a superhero.

5. Tackle Gritty Chores with a Monster Gorilla Cart

Gorilla Carts are beasts.  Able to haul copious amounts of whatever your friend will now be hauling is invaluable.  It also doubles as entertainment for the kids while they work.  Double win.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these “new to the homestead” gifts, as any of these will be used for years to come regardless of which direction your friend’s homestead takes.