Quickly Create Your Own Luscious Green Garden (perfect chicken forage mix)

I used to hate the dirt and lack of grass that was once our backyard. Once we got chickens, I knew I needed to come up with creative ways to keep things green, seriously.

I went on Amazon and bought my trusted seeds to mix together for the perfect foraging ground cover that starts to germinate within hours.

This is what I purchased:

Chicken Forage Feed Seed Blend, Non-GMO, 5 lbs.

Outsidepride Red Clover Seed: Nitro-Coated, Inoculated – 5 LBS

Certified Organic Non-GMO Wheatgrass Seeds – 5 Pounds Wheat Seed – Guaranteed to Grow

Outsidepride White Dutch Clover Seed: Nitro-Coated, Inoculated – 5 LBS

Once the seeds arrived, I mixed them together and threw them EVERYWHERE. By that evening, the ground looked like this:

Next morning:

Within 24 hours of taking the left photo, you can see how much things have sprouted:

I swear by this stuff and there’s no denying that it works.

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