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Certified Wildlife Habitat


Our homestead has been recognized by the National Wildlife Federation along with the Florida Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. We achieved certification by creating gardens that offer food, water, cover and places to raise young for wildlife and maintaining them in a natural, sustainable way.

We were able to achieve this largely in part due to my husband’s hard work on our natural pond, our herb & vegetable garden, amble fruit trees, converting our shed into a coop and also raising free-ranging chickens and ducks organically which provide food for friends and family.

Ducks & Chickens Happy in Same Coop

The ducks and chickens are cohabiting greatly. We put them all in the coop at night. The chickens go to sleep and the ducks party.

At night, the ducks snuggle in a corner opposite the older gals. I have shown the ducks the ways of the hanging feeders too and they are loving life.

We originally bought separate food but the ducks love to eat what the chickens eat so we ended up with a feed for both.

10 Hip Hop Names For Chickens (Watch out, Chicki Minaj!)

A completely off the wall post but here are 10 hip hop names for chickens. Yes, super informative post here.


2. DR. LAY









Today the girls look like they are about to drop the hottest mixtape of the year. What do you think? #lilwing #chickyminaj #egginem

So welcome.

DIY: From Old Shed to Chicken Coop

The decision to turn our shed into a coop came on a whim. We had a small coop we were using but wanted to update the space. We started talking about the idea of using our shed as a coop when we decided to clean it out and it was nearly empty. The shed was purchased years ago and the local company came and delivered it, leveled it and made sure it was placed properly on our land.

I feel any shed can be turned into a coop when you have the basics already in place. The best thing about using what you have is you can really splurge on essentials without feeling bad. If you have a shed that’s not being used, this is definitely a fun project to do. Here are some photos for you to get an idea for your next project:

We use pine shavings from Tractor Supply for the bedding and flooring. It’s only approximately $6 a bag.

We used old wooden crates for nesting boxes. We bought cedar trellises from Lowe’s for their ladders. We used old crib slats for something for them to play on.

My husband took out the window on the door and added some chicken wire for better airflow.

I keep their food and bedding in metal trash cans. I use fresh herbs to keep the coop smelling nice. I planted mint by the front door.

The best part about this project is being able to use what you have. It’s fun to improve upon and create something that fits the needs of your chickens. So be creative and have fun.

On The Fence About Backyard Chickens?

I had no idea what all went into having chickens until we decided to jump in blindfolded. To say it is a rewarding experience would be an understatement. Before I go any further, I’d like to mention that having chickens is not super involved, it is fun, educational and it’ll add quite a bit of joy to your life.

I found the Tractor Supply chick days pamplet super helpful and full of information.

We started out with 4 female chickens (pullets) which were only a few dollars from Tractor Supply. We kept them in a tupperware while brooding so they would grow and also be kept safe from cold and predators.

They grow quick! Next thing I knew they needed a bigger space.

If you’re on the fence, get backyard chickens. It is so rewarding. Stay tuned for the shed coop reveal.

Shredded Fabric Curtains for Chicken Coops

I made a shredded fabric curtain for the nesting boxes. The chickens love to hide. The process is simple and quick. Have fabric strips ready to go, any fabric works. Loop the fabric over a large piece of string or another long piece of fabric, and then tie knots.

It’s the perfect thing to give the chickens a little privacy for their nesting boxes.

Free Range Chickens (mostly)

Each of our chickens have their own personality but no matter how much they differ, they always love to be front and center whenever we are outside. They love to get in on the action and play.

We do have a coop for them that includes a nesting box and a run. This is where they sleep at night. On top of the run is a garden box where I planted mint that took over.

However, during the day we let them take complete control of the backyard space.

At night, they go into their coop to roost and they do that on their own. It usually always happens around 7:20pm. They just know what to do.

During the day, I love watching them hide under the fruit trees or take shelter under the trampoline.

Fresh rainwater is the perfect afternoon drink, I suppose. ??

Chickens are a lot of fun. I went into this not knowing anything about having chickens.

I’ll be writing some articles soon on where to begin.