Free Range Chickens (mostly)

Each of our chickens have their own personality but no matter how much they differ, they always love to be front and center whenever we are outside. They love to get in on the action and play.

We do have a coop for them that includes a nesting box and a run. This is where they sleep at night. On top of the run is a garden box where I planted mint that took over.

However, during the day we let them take complete control of the backyard space.

At night, they go into their coop to roost and they do that on their own. It usually always happens around 7:20pm. They just know what to do.

During the day, I love watching them hide under the fruit trees or take shelter under the trampoline.

Fresh rainwater is the perfect afternoon drink, I suppose. ??

Chickens are a lot of fun. I went into this not knowing anything about having chickens.

I’ll be writing some articles soon on where to begin.

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