22 Innovative Urban Designs That are Improving City Life

City life brings a host of challenges that people living in rural areas don’t have to face. Thankfully, every year new innovations and technologies emerge that can help urban dwellers handle the unique struggles of their environment. With forward-thinking and human ingenuity of some civil planners, cities are becoming safer and more convenient for those who live and work there. So here is a list of 22 of these life-changing innovations to give you a peek of what the future holds.

1. Responsive Weather-Sensing Crosswalks

This crosswalk helps keep pedestrians and drivers safer. It has special lights to fully illuminate the crosswalk and special sensors that detect local weather and driving conditions. That combination provides a danger-free crosswalk experience. With this innovative design, drivers will be able to see pedestrians no matter the weather or time of day.

2. Self-Washing Roadways

Dirt and grime can cover the lines that help drivers stay in their lane and turn safely. Buy these relatives of the sprinkler can eliminate that problem by washing the road so drivers can see it. Some developers think they could spray a saline solution to de-ice the roads in cold weather, which would make city life even safer. 

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