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6 Ways to Thrive While Staying Home During Self-Quarantine

Staying at home for days on end is not a fun experience for most people, especially the extroverts. However, to ensure public safety and avoid the outspread of the coronavirus, each one of us should take this matter seriously and stay isolated not only to protect ourselves but also to protect those around us. Before you start complaining, here are 6 Ways to Thrive While Staying Home During Self-Quarantine with your happiness intact.

Enrich the soul with books

There’s no better way to spend time than reading books. You always learn something new from every book and the new-found knowledge can end up changing your life forever.

Unless you are a person who prefers the traditional way of enjoying a book: the joy of sitting in an armchair flipping through pages of a brand-new book, you can rely on technology to gain access to the ebook version of the same title. For example, the Amazon Prime program has a Kindle Unlimited that allows you to read more than 1 million titles for a monthly subscription of only $9.99. Even better, there is a 30-day free trial available.

Work on your summer body

If you are a regular gym-goer, being confined to home for days is torture. However, don’t be discouraged. Who says working out at home isn’t fun? Tune in to a YouTube workout channel and follow the instructions. If you already know what to do, simply pick an upbeat tune and start the exercise.

If you are the type that gets demotivated when working out alone, join an online yoga class. Due to the situation, many yoga teachers have to stay home too. Many therefore organize online classes that you can join using Zoom or Skype.

Improve your cooking skills

Many of us are not good at cooking partly because we don’t have the time to do it while working a full-time job. This time-off is a great opportunity for you to explore different dishes and up your skills. Shop for groceries in bulk so as to avoid going out too frequently. If online shopping is available, opt for it.

For those who are staying home with their family, cooking is a great activity to strengthen the bond. Kids can learn to cook and clean up after themselves by watching their parents.

Binge-watch your favorite series and movies

There’s no better time to indulge in the guilty joy of watching your favorite movies on end without worrying about work. Fire up Netflix and search for your favorite titles. Titanic, Casablanca, Desperate Housewives, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Godfather, etc. are all at your fingertips.

Learn a new skill

It’s never too late to learn a new skill. You never know when you will need it. Many businesses understand the difficulties (and boredom) of being confined to home. That’s why they offer promotions to let new users try out their service without a cost. Udacity, for example, recently launched a campaign that allows students to try any Udacity Nanodegree course for free for one month. Use such an opportunity to learn about web design, digital marketing, programming, etc.  Who knows, maybe you will land a new job with the newly acquired skills when the crisis is over.

Focus on positivity

Last but not least, don’t get drown in the amount of negative information coming out every day. By being positive and strong, you are giving your body more fuel to fight off any virus. The immune system works at its best when we have a healthy diet with an active lifestyle and keep our mind positive.

Apply these 6 Ways to Thrive While Staying Home During Self-Quarantine tomorrow and you’ll find that staying home is not as boring as it sounds. So long as you know how to make the best use of your time, you will find the positive aspects in even the worst circumstances.

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Anti-Spitting Social Distancing Hats That Work

These hats might not make a fashion statement but protecting your face from the coronavirus when you go on a grocery run can’t be overstated. These anti-spitting hats add an extra layer of protection from germs getting to your eyes, nose, and mouth. Here are the top Anti-Spitting Social Distancing Hats That Work.

1. A classic baseball dad hat with a removable face shield

Dad hats are in, so you know they had to attach a face shield on one. After the coronavirus is over dad can use this to weed wack and mow the lawn.

2. The “something” white bucket hat with black embroidering

If you can call any of these hats trending, this is it. Vague wording with a touch of subtle art on a bucket hat.

3. A smiley face for smiley faces bucket hat for the kids

This hat is smaller and comes in a kid-size. There is also a cute baby hat and little bear hat for kids.

4. Go with this anti-spitting social distancing visor shield if baseball or bucket hats just aren’t your thing

Despite not having a hat component this face shield can easily be worn over any hat you may already have.

These hats don’t provide 100% protection from germs flying in your face but they do provide 100% more protection than without. Stay safe, stay healthy, and we hope these Anti-Spitting Social Distancing Hats That Might Make a Fashion Statement are useful to your or at least provided some minor amusement for what it’s worth.

Here is How to Stay Informed about COVID-19.

Supplies to Have Enough of While Quarantined

Being prepared and proactive is best in the event of any emergency, not just a Coronavirus quarantine. As a global community, it’s important to share helpful information to help manage our lives through this uncertain time. In the spirit of helpful sharing, here is a list of Supplies to Have Enough of While Quarantined.


If you or your family members take any prescription medications, stock up now. Try to have at least a 30-day supply on hand if possible. Even if you use mostly natural remedies (like fire cider or lemon honey cough drops), it’s helpful to have some over the counter (OTC) medications for symptoms like high fevers. Check your medicine cabinet for these commonly used medications: ibuprofen (Advil), acetaminophen (Tylenol), cough medication, cold medicine, and the pink stuff (you know, Pepto Bismol). It’s best to have these all now just in case they’re difficult to get later.


Homesteaders often already have preserved foods and essentials on hand. Even gardens are getting started for the year. But, is it enough? Assess your pantry for these basic (and some not so basic) food staples:

  • Dried foods (rice, pasta, beans, oats, cereal, nuts, fruits)
  • Canned and dried meats (tuna, salmon, chicken, jerky)
  • High-protein meat alternatives (tofu, chickpeas, lentils)
  • Baking ingredients (flour, baking soda, baking powder, sugar)
  • Dairy and/or non-dairy alternatives (milk, cheese, yogurt, almond milk, coconut milk)
  • Comfort food (chocolate, candy, snacks, coffee)
  • Livestock feed and pet food

Emergency Supplies

Currently, there are no signs of power outages or water shortages. Even so, first aid and emergency supplies are always a must in any home at any time. From band-aids to flashlights, it never hurts to have these items in a central location in your home. Sterilize any unused glass bottles, fill with boiled water and store away. If you have any empty mason jars, you might as well put them to good use. Water is the most important resource, so it’s a must  – even if it’s just in case.

This isn’t an exhaustive list since different families have varying needs. For example, be sure to include items unique to dietary restrictions in your family. Now, take a deep breath. Panic and fear are not helpful during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Checking to make sure you have these items mean you’re taking proactive measures to protect yourself and your families. Stay safe and I hope this guide for Supplies to Have Enough of While Quarantined was helpful.