Amazing Storage Hacks to Help Organize Your Home

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3. Store Tupperware Lids in Paper Organizers

We all know if you have a magazine rack there is a good chance you have a paper rack, too. Paper racks make the perfect storage hack for Tupperware lids. Tupperware lids notoriously clutter drawers and get in the way, but with a paper organize, that is history.

Store Tupperware Lids In Paper Organizers

Use CD Racks to Store Tupperware Lids

4. Use CD Racks to Store Tupperware Lids

Just like print magazines, CDs are something of the past. Dust off your old CD rack and stick it sideways in your cabinet. The CD rack makes another excellent rack to keep your lids organized and easily accessible. This is a prime example of storage hack 101.

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