15 of the Best DIY Projects to Revive Outdated Items

There are many items in the house that you would probably love to restore. Most people hold on to a lot of vintage and sentimental things throughout their lives. And although you may not be able to get rid of them completely, you can make them look almost new. So, here are 15 of the best DIY projects to revive outdated items.

1. Easy DIY Mirror Restore

If you have really old or antique mirrors, tossing them is simply not an option. Instead of tossing that old mirror, you can restore it quickly and easily and give it back that like-new look. You just mix up a vinegar solution to clean the cloud from your mirror and then tackle any wood or paint fixes that the frame may need.


2. Stain Remover for Baby Clothes

If you’ve got some old baby clothes that are stained or yellowed, there is a quick fix for that and it leaves that clothing looking good as new. OxiClean works like a charm to remove those yellow stains and make that clothing wearable once again.

3. Baking Sheet Restore

This little trick works with cookie sheets, pizza pans and cake pans. A mixture of baking soda and peroxide will scrub that greasy, dingy mess right off and leave those pans shining like new.

4. Brass Restore

You don’t have to replace them just because they have lost their gleam. Instead, try cleaning them by placing them in a slow cooker and adding dish soap. This works wonderfully to remove paint; just in case someone has tried to paint over them to make them look new.

5. Cast Iron Skillet Renew

You don’t want to cook in a rusty pan, right? And throwing those skillets out is out of the question because they can be very expensive to replace. The next time your cast iron skillet gets rusty, try this trick of scrubbing the rust away with steel wool and then re-seasoning it with vegetable oil.

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