Tips For Tiny Homesteads

A tiny homestead can be just as successful as larger ones with a little ingenuity. The following tips can be utilized to help make the most of the limited space available on smaller homesteads.

Tips For Tiny Homesteads

1. Choose goats over cows for milk. Goats require significantly less space but they produce an adequate amount of milk for small families. Milk can also be used to create butter, cheese, and ice cream.

2. Utilize window boxes on every available sill to increase growing space. Lots of small producers and herbs will grow in window planter boxes. A few examples include radishes, strawberries, and green onions.

3. Use platforms or double-story animal houses where appropriate to maximize land space. Chickens and goats can both safely walk up ramps.

4. Choose crops with high outputs. This will vary based upon where you live but might include anything that grows on vines or bushes like berries and tomatoes. Corn is a great option, too.

5. Allow chickens to be free-range and do away with the need for a big run. However, you should create a chicken coop and put poultry up at night to protect them from predators.

6. Rabbits are a great choice of meat animal for really tiny homesteads. A large cage can happily house two rabbits, and cages can be stacked to make even more room.

7. Pigs are another great livestock option if you can stand the smell. A single pig needs only about ten feet of space to be happy and everyone loves pork. That same pig can make a lot of meat when compared to the space needed to house it. Even better, pigs can live almost entirely off table scraps.

The tips for tiny homesteads above can help you make the most of limited available space on tiny homesteads. Remember to get creative and think outside the box to make your tiny homestead even more self-sustaining and efficient than a larger one. Happy homesteading! 🙂

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