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What We Love About Duck Eggs vs Chicken Eggs

This isn’t the most loveliest of photos but we were feeding a few eggs back to the ducks and chickens (benefits them by providing protein, omegas, and calcium from the shell) and this is just ONE duck egg yolk.

It was hard to focus on but man, the duck egg yolks can be so much larger which increases the good fats and omegas that come with it. The color comes from all the free-range time they have during the day. They forage on all the plants and bugs.

The duck eggs are usually white, but we will be having some chocolate runners laying in a few months and they will lay mint colored eggs.

Here are some of our duck eggs:

Here are our chickens eggs:

Chicken eggs do taste very similar however with the higher fat content a duck egg yolk has, I’d say they are better for baking and fluffing things up.

What’s The Best Duck Breed For New Duck Owners?

The answer for us is simple.

Khaki Campbells all the way.

Lots of people ask us “what’s the best duck breed to start with?” Well, there’s no right answer, but I do have to admit these little Khaki Campbells are quiet, cuddly and very sweet.
Good egg layers too, and don’t take up much space!

Harris Farms Nurture Right 360 Incubator from Tractor Supply Review & Experience

Update on April 2nd, 2019 –

I’ve successfully hatched 12 ducklings with this incubator. We originally set 18 eggs in and some of them just weren’t fertile. We didn’t have any real issues but than again, we hatched ducklings. I didn’t spritz the eggs, I did notice though that if you let the trays get too full with water, the humidity gets all messed up so if you make sure to dump some out and add fresh water, it could help.

The Harris Farms Nurture Right 360 incubator from Tractor Supply has been good so far! Very easy to understand and manage.

The instructions were basic and informative. The incubator provides the following:

Rolling Egg Turner

  • Simulates hen hatch for higher hatch rate


  • Stops turning eggs 3 days before hatch day

External Water Top-Up

  • Easy water fill and humidity control

360° Induced Air Flow

  • Advanced 360 degree induced airflow technology

Build-in LED Candler

Suitable for Various Sizes of Eggs

  • Chickens: 22
  • Ducks: 12-18
  • Pheasants: 22-24

I couldn’t find any reviews online so I just bought it based on the fact it has a candler, automatic egg turner, etc.

It has a guard on the vent so I knew it was a newer model. Good to go there.

To calibrate and reset the incubator, you need to hold down the menu and minus sign for 6 seconds.

I’m incubating 8 Khaki Campbell x Pekin eggs and today is day 2! 26 left to go. I have the temp set to 99.5 degrees and the humidity runs between 52-58% due to the humid climate I live in!

I’ll up the humidity the last few days before hatching. This is so fun!

The countdown is on!

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