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15 Self-Care Gifts for Homesteaders from Target

We all need to practice some good self-care from time to time. Sadly, we don’t treat ourselves nearly as much as we should. Change that this holiday season, and give the gift of relaxation, indulgence, and enjoyment. Here are 15 Self-Care Gifts for Homesteaders from Target.

1. This cozy plush robe just exudes comfy and luxurious vibes. With a self-tie waist, front pockets, and a design meant to envelop you in comfort, who would want to take it off?

2. Speaking of feeling cozy and warm, if you haven’t tried a weighted blanket yet, you’re missing out big time. This weighted blanket applies gentle and smooth pressure, with the addition of small glass beads, and helps aid in deep and continuous sleep. It’s really like getting a huge hug while you’re preparing for bed.

3. We’re jealous of whoever gets this skincare gift set. This trio consists of a frozen cooling globe, mini eye mask, and mini clarifying serum. All of these products are suitable for any skin type, and focus on providing cool, calming sensations to your skin in order to reduce puffiness and improve oxygen and blood flow.

4. Hopefully you’ve experienced the wonder of oil diffusers and their amazing, therapeutic effect. This color changing diffuser is not only beautiful, it’s also convenient. It’s designed to shut off automatically when the water runs out, and it’s run time is an impressive nine hours.

5. You’re going to need oils to go with that diffuser! This set of three runs in a winter theme, guaranteed to fill a home with holiday cheer. They are also 100% natural and made ethically.

6. We think that everyone secretly wants a foot bath. This electric foot bath and massager will gently massage feet, includes optional bubbles, and is designed to be portable and easily operational. The ultimate form of self-care.

7. A truly unique idea, gift this Modern Sprout Spruce Gather Set. Now, hear us out. This set includes a spruce growing kit, a candle, and a pinecone ornament. For anyone who has experience with gardening, the act of growing something from seed is rewarding and therapeutic. Then, the scent of spruce aligns perfectly with the season. Throw in a candle and an ornament, and you have holiday cheer in a box.

8. Speaking of candles, one can never have too many. This café collection comes with three different scents, each inspired by the warm, inviting aroma of coffee. There’s something about lighting a candle at the end of the day that feels complete.

9. A mini massager, because who doesn’t want a rejuvenating massage? Made from marble so it stays cool, and designed to be portable.

10. The perfect stocking stuffer, these holiday bath bombs contain a fun surprise inside. Don’t ask any more questions. Everyone loves a nice, warm bath, and everyone agrees that a bath bomb makes it better.

11. When you’re done with your bath, slip on a pair of cozy slippers. These are designed to be suitable for quick trips outside and made with the softest faux fur. They’re also just super cute!

12. We all need to moisturize, it’s a fact of life. This Olay 2-pack comes with a daytime and nighttime moisturizer and even includes a sleep mask.

13. Beauty boxes are such fun, and this one is a hair edition! You’ll get dry shampoo, texture spray, multiple different brands of shampoo and conditioner, a hair mask, and hair elastics. This is a great way to try out different products to find a new favorite.

14. We’ve covered the indulgence of a weighted blanket, but a weighted sleep mask is on another level. Designed to block out light and add gentle pressure to key relaxation points.

15. Honestly, more holiday candles. Enough said.

Give the gift of Self-Care this holiday season with these Gifts for Homesteaders from Target.com.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for that Special Homesteader in Your Life

Giving that special someone a gift beats getting one 10 times out of 10.  Figuring our what do give them isn’t always a walk in the park. From practical to romantic, check out these Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for that Special Homesteader in Your Life:

1. A rustic new pair of cowboy boots for stomping around the homestead

Every homesteader needs and loves a good pair of cowboy boots. Whether it’s taking care of chores, horseback riding, or any of the other homesteading demands a solid pair of boots is always welcomed with open arms.

2. High-quality jacket to weather all the adventures to come

Exploring the outdoors and being prepared no matter the weather is a must for homesteading. Rain or shine there is work to be done. Surprise your special homesteader with a new jacket to weather all the adventures to come.

3. Organic hemp bath bombs for a spa day on the homestead

After all the hard physical work homesteading demands, spa day’s on the homestead are much needed. Lavender bath bombs are a great way to enjoy a relaxing soak in the bathtub.

4. This leather-bound journal to track the annual harvest dates

Keeping track of frost dates and more are essential to time your planting and harvesting just right. A leather-bound journal is perfect for keeping these notes and sure to delight any homesteader.

5. Decorate and delight with a beautiful wind chimes

The only thing better than a little breeze on a hot summer day is a beautiful wind chime to sing along. Wind times are tasteful outdoor decorations and very easy to install. Simply hang by a nail and short string.

Valentine’s day is almost here, hopefully, you now have some great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for that Special Homesteader in Your Life!

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