Why Chickens are a Great Start for Any Homestead

As more and more young people enter the business and corporate world, many are finding that they long for simpler times and places. Perhaps you yearn to learn those types of skills your great-grandparents grew up knowing. Or, perhaps you take a special interest in being able to provide food for yourself that you have grown in a responsible, sustainable way. Whether you live in town or country, chickens are the perfect beginner animal for any homestead. 

They Don’t Require a Large Amount of Space

Being versatile birds, chickens are ideal starter animals because of the space required to raise them. Unless you are an apartment dweller, most people in town have a large enough backyard for a small coop and space for the chickens to run around if they so desire. 

Take them out to the country and you have an even larger area to house them and free-range them if that is important to you. Don’t let space be the reason you give up on your piece of homesteading heaven, as chickens fit the bill for most available homes.

They are Tireless Workers

Not only are chickens, especially hens, nice to keep in the city or the country, but they also are tireless workers. Obviously, the cardinal reason people desire to keep chickens is because of the eggs they provide. Health-conscious consumers purposefully seek organic/free-range eggs from happy chickens. But by raising your own, you can easily make that happen. 

They are Great for Gardeners

If you are a homesteader who also happens to be an aspiring gardener, chickens are content to prepare and till the soil over the winter. That way, it will be ready for your garden in the springtime.  Chicken manure is a superb compost and their constant scratching and pecking for bugs and seeds will greatly diminish the weeds come springtime. You really can’t go wrong beginning your homestead journey upon the work ethic of the industrious chicken.

Whether you are blessed with several acres in the country or a backyard in the city, chickens are a perfect gateway animal to your homesteading goals. They are also a great pet that provides delicious food. Whether you are preparing your garden or fueling your appetite, chickens are sure to work hard for your homestead.

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