Adding More Ducks To The Homestead

After adding 5 more ducks to the farm, we now have 4 chickens and 9 ducks. Life is… awesome.

We adjusted the coop a tiny bit to accommodate our floor-sleeping friends. We took out the automatic waterer for the chickens. They don’t drink at night and outside, we have bins and buckets everywhere full of fresh water.

The ducks always require water, as a way to clean their mouths, so we put a little rubber bowl in the back on top of a cinderblock and filled it full of water. I caught the chickens having a few sips from it too, so we are good there.

The metal hanging feeder is for all, and is much less messy to work with when the huge waterer is not in the way.

If we head out of town, we will put the automatic waterer in the coop.

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