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5 Smart Ways to Make Extra Money on Your Homestead

Here are five ways to make income from homesteading!

The biggest question for most people, especially homesteaders, is how to make extra money outside the 9 to 5 grind. Although it would be nice to live entirely off the grid, you probably still have real-world bills. However, even when times are tight, there are plenty of ways to continue in the homestead tradition and bring in a little extra cash.

These are things you are probably already doing, so the process will be even easier. Whether you garden, enjoy crafting or even have a highly-desirable skill, there are lots of ways to make extra money to pay the bills. Here are five ways to earn an income through homesteading.

1. Sell Seedlings, Flowers and Plants


Chances are, an integral part of your homestead includes growing fruits, flowers and/or vegetables. Many of us have a surplus or a real knack for starting seedlings. Let the work you put in on your homestead go to work for you. By selling seeds, seedlings, flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Use Your Skills

Do you know how to make soap? Are you handy with wood and can make birdhouses? How about jewelry, or farmhouse furniture? Maybe even tap into your artist skills and sell farmhouse styled art. Any extra skill you have can earn you a solid income if you tap into local farmer’s markets and sell whatever you make.

3. Resell Unwanted Items

Do you have a knack for knowing what you could resell? Take a minimalist approach and unload some of the items in your home that you no longer use. Places like Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, a yard sale or even taking your items to the flea market can help you make extra money if you have an eye for what sells.

4. Let Your Animals Go to Work for You


Do you have chickens or ducks? If they are laying, you can bring in a little bit of money from selling eggs. If you can sell eggs where you are located, you could bring in an extra $3 to $6 a dozen, if not more in some areas. The more chickens or ducks, the more eggs you could sell.

It doesn’t have to stop there though, if you have a knack for hatching consider selling baby chicks, or raise a little longer and sell laying hens. Moving on down the line, the more involved your farm is the more opportunities you have, everything from selling fresh milk to fresh meat could be a viable way to keep your homestead up and running.

5. Tap Into Your Community

Many of us who have chosen a homestead type lifestyle have skills well beyond the average person. Offer your skills as a handyman or painter, maybe offer lawn care or pressure washing. In many places, work like this doesn’t require any type of licensing. This makes it perfect to make extra money around your homestead.

It doesn’t stop there. You just have to get creative. The homestead lifestyle is all about finding what works, finding a niche, and making it happen. The reward is in the self-sufficiency and spending more time with family. So, use your skills and talents to make a life that doesn’t have to involve the rat race if you don’t want it to.