32 Pet Grooming Fails That Made Us Ask “What Were You Thinking”

We all love animals. They are as much a part of our family as our non-pet family members, except perhaps for your aunt Jilly. So when you see what can go wrong, not only from a groomer but also when you venture out on your own to groom Fido and yes, even Boots the kitty, you have to ask yourself what were you thinking? This compilation of 30 pet grooming fails is the best of these train wrecks. To add a little spice, it includes owners who created some of the most elaborate designs you’ve ever seen. 

1. When you go to the spa and things become awkward.

2. Howdy, pardner.

I appreciate the effort here, but c’mon, no dog in the history of dogdom wants to look like Owen Wilson with a droopy cowboy mustache. Cute bandanna though.

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