10 Types of Christmas Trees That Really Smell Authentic

If you’re looking to go all-out with your Christmas decorations, there are some types of Christmas trees that are more suitable for hanging ornaments because of strong, inflexible branches. Or, if you’re just looking for an easy clean-up when the season is over, you can find a type of tree that’s less likely to dry out or lose its needles. One thing they all have in common, though, is that they all look gorgeous when you decorate them for the holidays.

1. The Douglas Fir

One of the top Christmas trees in the United States, according to The National Christmas Tree Association, the Douglas Fir is popular because of its perfect pyramid shape. Also, since they radiate needles in all directions, Douglas Firs tend to be nice and full.

2. Colorado Blue Spruce

One bonus to the Colorado Blue Spruce: According to the Farmer’s Almanacit rarely sheds its needles. Imagine not having to clean up all those pine needles. 

3. Canaan Fir

Canaan Firs are similar to the Balsam Fir, MSU reports, but with the added needle retention of the Fraser Fir. That sounds like a win-win. 

4. White Spruce

The National Christmas Tree Association says these Christmas trees are great for ornaments because they have short, stiff needles. But the needles have a bad aroma when crushed, so don’t buy it for the smell.

5. Eastern White Pine

These are best if you’re going for a natural look and want the tree to be the focus in and of itself. According to The National Christmas Tree Association, they’re not great for ornaments and have little aroma. However, the soft, flexible needles are attractive.

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