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25 Sustainable DIY Garden Projects

Everybody loves relaxing in a beautiful garden, with flowers and plants that enhance the natural scenery of the outdoors.

While the best public gardens look perfectly manicured and well maintained, that doesn’t mean the home gardener can’t create their own backyard oasis.

In fact, there are plenty of easy and affordable ways to make your garden a uniquely gorgeous and inviting space. Read on for 25 sustainable do-it-yourself garden projects.

Pallet Wood Garden Walkway

 1001 Pallets

Make the short journey from your back porch to the yard look pretty with slats of pallet wood.

The wood used for pallets is typically hardwood and can handle the outdoor elements quite well.

Simply lay down the pallet wood on top of a dirt path until you’ve connected the porch to the yard.

Tree Trunk Planters

DIY Network

If you have a tree trunk or a fallen tree in your yard, don’t just chop it up and put it in the wood chipper.

Re-use it as a natural planter for some pretty flowers. It’s an easy and clever way to add color to your garden

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