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Ways to Learn about Gardening in Local Community

As a new or soon-to-be homesteader, you probably want to grow at least some of your own produce. That can be a challenging goal for those of us who have limited gardening experience. Online resources like ours offer helpful general knowledge. Yet resources in your community can provide information that’s specific to your local climate. Here are ways to Learn about Gardening in the Local Community.

Join a Community Garden

This idea may seem counterintuitive since your goal is to grow fruits and vegetables on your own land. However, joining a community garden has a multitude of benefits for the new gardener. You’ll meet veteran gardeners who often willing to share their knowledge. You’ll see the techniques other gardeners use and what they’re able to grow well in your area.

Contact Your Local Extension Office

The federal government’s Cooperative Extension Service shares agricultural knowledge with farmers and the general public. Many local extension offices are connected to land-grant universities. Your local office has a wealth of information about your area’s climate, native species, pests, and much more. Also, extension offices charge a low fee to analyze your yard’s soil for nutrient and pH levels.

Take a Gardening Class

Learning from the instructor isn’t the only reason to take a gardening class. Start conversations with your classmates to learn from their mistakes instead of repeating them. Community colleges, extension offices, arboretums, or horticultural centers may offer courses for beginners.

Talk to Your Neighbors

We thought this was obvious until we found out only 30 percent of us know all or most of our neighbors. If you haven’t met the neighbor with the thriving backyard garden, it’s time to make a new friend. Joining the neighborhood gardening club is another way to network with local gardeners.

Work at Your Local Garden Center

Of course, getting a part-time job isn’t for everyone. If you have the time or could use the extra income, you’ll be getting paid and learning tons about gardening in your community. Hopefully, there’s an employee discount to lower your costs for buying plants and gardening supplies.

With the help of online and local resources, you’ll be gardening Gardening in your Local Community and harvesting veggies from your yard soon.