5 Beautiful Ways to Add More Plants to Your Home

Most people love having plants inside the home. They are attractive and functional, too. Plants clean toxins out of the air. Also, they lift your mood, especially in the wintertime. Even if you live in a small space, there are still many little nooks and crannies in your home where you can put indoor plants. So, keep reading to learn five beautiful ways to add more plants to your home.

  1. On Coffee Tables

Rather than a centerpiece or a vase of flowers, put a plant on your coffee table. You can also get some beautiful mini-gardens that contain four or five plants. Some even come with decorative pebbles and water ponds. These will make an excellent conversation starter when friends come over. This is a fun way to add more plants to your home.

  1. Hanging Plants

To add more plants to your home, consider using hanging plants. The best part is, they won’t take up any floor space. However, try to hang them where they won’t drip on anyone’s head after you water them. Also, the plants should not get in the way of opening and closing doors or windows. Plus, if you have lights or fans hanging from the ceiling, keep the plants away from them.

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