30 Pet Grooming Fails That Are Really Just Wins

We all love animals. They are as much a part of our family as our non-pet family members, except perhaps for your aunt Jilly. So when you see what can go wrong, not only from a groomer but also when you venture out on your own to groom Fido and yes, even Boots the kitty, you have to ask yourself what were you thinking? This compilation of 30 pet grooming fails is the best of these train wrecks. To add a little spice, it includes owners who created some of the most elaborate designs you’ve ever seen. 

1. When you go to the spa and things become awkward.

2. Howdy, pardner.

I appreciate the effort here, but c’mon, no dog in the history of dogdom wants to look like Owen Wilson with a droopy cowboy mustache. Cute bandanna though.


3. When you groom the dog right out of them.

“Dropped off a Shihtzu, picked up a llama,” writes the person who’s a proud new owner of a llama-tzu.

4. Sometimes it’s the groomer’s fault. Sometimes, it’s the owners. And sometimes, no one is right.

The Redditor who submitted this really isn’t sure the haircut worked out. Apparently the owner loves their dog’s weirdly streamlined, mohawk-ish new look, though. But does he love it too?


5. When you take the DI-WHY approach.

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It seems easy to groom a dog. Just set the clippers and start clipping, right? But this poor Newfoundland has traded his awesome coat for some kind of poodle-do thanks to his owner’s non-DIY skills. 

6. Princess derpy derp.

The luxurious flowing mane and the pink bow really tie this pup’s new look together. However, some expressions you just can’t fix. Not sure if this sweetheart is ready for the runway.


7. I pity the fool. 

Once again, it’s a bit of a shame to see so much work put into making a dog look like an absolute derp. Dogs are not Mr. T. When will people get the message?

8. This look says it all – he has no trust in you anymore.

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This little pup looks traumatized and distrustful after getting a DI-WHY grooming session. His trust has clearly been broken forever, at least until the treats come out.


9. Yea dude, I feel your pain.

Another DI-WHY grooming fail. This guy didn’t even get an even clipping all over. Just look at him. He’s clearly devastated.

10. When your Minecraft obsession spills over to your pupper.

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Yeah, Minecraft is great and all, but people need to stop trying to make the real world all boxy. Dogs were meant to be dogs, and not whatever this is.


11. When you groom your dog and realize he’s a serial killer.

Usually, broken trust results in a wounded expression. But in this case, the expression clearly indicates their owner is going to get murdered in their sleep tonight.

12. I said I wanted a trim – nailed it!

I know their long coats can make them really hot in the summer. But there’s a big difference between a nice summer trim and a full-on buzzcut.


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13. What abomination have we wrought?

I thought this was just another amateur dog grooming fail but it turns out this little guy was actually featured at the Westminster Dog Show.

14. Swing and a miss.

I mean, I don’t know why you’d ever want your dog to have a heart shaved onto its butt. Honestly, if that’s what you asked for, you get what you get. He sure as hell doesn’t seem to mind.

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15. When best intentions go bad.

Some puppies just don’t have flowing, Aniston-esque locks to pull off the awesome haircuts you see on Pinterest. But, at least they tried, I guess.

16. At what point do you think the groomer realized, “I’ve gone too far to turn back now.”

This owner took to Twitter: “Okay so my dog was way overdue for a haircut, so finally we took him to a new grooming place to get it done. We said, “He needs to be shaved just ENOUGH so he wouldn’t shed as much anymore.” They took the shaving part literally ???? Y’ALL I CANT????????”


17. “Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.”

Another DI-WHY gone terribly wrong. When did this owner ever think this was a solid idea? Trust level=0. 

18. “I feel this pain.”

Sigh. If there was ever a need for doggie Xanax this would be it.  


19. Rockin the ’80s hairdo

I’m not going to lie, I think I dated this girl in high school. Long live the ’80s! Just don’t bring them back with your pets.

20. This is a hate crime.

This face says it all. “Laugh it up. I’m going to shit in your dirty clothes hamper later tonight.”


21. Please for the love of god make it stop!

I’m pretty sure this is a hate crime. If you have to four-point your cat to shave him, something is really wrong.

22. The gremlin look is just not cool. 

This doggo’s inner gremlin is on full display. Can you blame him?


23.  What is this abomination?

I found this gem on the interwebs and I’m not really sure what this even is.

24. The cold stare of a serial killer.

Paybacks a bitch. You’ll see. 


Now if you have hung in there this long, and we thank you, let’s bring you a little flavor. This last compilation can only be described as epic. I say this without really knowing how these poor fur babies really feel although the expressions range from happy to wtf!

25. Part rooster. All sexy.

This is mad skills.

26. Poodle horse complete with a saddle.

I’m not sure how HE feels about this, but its a pretty sweet creation


27. Chester Cheeto-inspired look. 

This takes skill; however, the kitty does not look enthused. 

28. Oh hell yes, Yoda.

I don’t care what people might say, this is badass.


29. The “Lumberjack” cut. 

30. The My Little Pony cut.

Humans…you’re doin’ too much.


31. The Sesame Street cut

Again mad skills on display here, but to what end?

32. Wha…?

Again, people, do not do this to your kitties. You’re just asking for payback.

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