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How to Make Your Own Kombucha at Home

If you run with the crunchy or semi-crunchy crowd, chances are good that you have heard of the delightful, bubbly brew known as kombucha.  Now kombucha has been around for centuries – it’s quite simply fermented tea — but it seems as though the general public is just catching on to this magical elixir in the West in recent years.  Known for its healthful qualities, you would be well-advised to include this effervescent beverage in your diet.  While kombucha can get a little pricey if you purchase it at the store regularly, brewing it at home is simple and affordable.  Check out The Big Book of Kombucha for a comprehensive look at all things kombucha. In the meantime, this is How to Make Your Own Kombucha at Home so you can get started today!

What you need

  • Scoby and starter liquid (no, this is not some alien life form, though it closely resembles one)
  • Glass container for brewing, a one-gallon glass jar is fine to start with
  • A breathable, cotton cloth large enough to cover the jar opening, plus rubber band to secure it
  • Tea (black is good), filtered water (no chlorine), and sugar
  • A pot for brewing tea on the stove
  • Spoon for stirring sugar into tea

Brewing the kombucha

  • Prepare 3 quarts of black tea according to directions on the package. Use only filtered water, free of chlorine.
  • When tea has steeped, add ¾ c. of sugar and stir until dissolved, let tea cool; if too hot it will kill your scoby or crack your glass jar (and we wouldn’t want that!).
  • After the tea has cooled pour it into your gallon glass container, slip the scoby in, and pour the starter liquid over the top.
  • Finish by covering the container tightly with the breathable cotton cloth and rubber band.

Now sit back and let your kombucha bubble.  In 7-14 days it will be ready for a taste test; if you like it, start the process over and keep on crafting that kombucha!